Beyonce Is The Top Earning Pop Artist Of 2010

Beyonce was the only Pop star that made the top ten of Forbes’ annual “Hollywood’s 20 Highest Earners of 2010″ list. The craziest part of all this is she didn’t even release a new album this year!

Her husband Jay-Z was named “Hip-Hop’s Cash King” by Forbes earlier this year in August when he had already earned $63 million.There will be a lot of competition in 2011 when Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears release new albums, but who will end up on top? Brit ranked #13 this year, one spot above Mother Monster.

Even with all the bad publicity and distance from Disney, Miley Cyrus still managed to come in at #18 with $48 million, beating Taylor Swift by $3 million.Chicago’s own Oprah Winfrey topped the list, earning $315 million. This might have something to do with the fact that she’s a multimedia mogul with her TV now going into syndication, her magazine and her new network.

Who do you think came in second?

Avatar Director James Cameron earned $210 million. Director and playwright Tyler Perry earned $125 million, blockbuster movie producer Michael Bay had $120 million and golfer Tiger Woods made $105 million, completing the top five.

View the full Forbes “Hollywood’s 20 Highest Earners of 2010″ list below:

1. Oprah Winfrey, $315 million
2. James Cameron, $210 million
3. Tyler Perry, $125 million
4. Michael Bay, $120 million
5. Tiger Woods, $105 million
6. Jerry Bruckheimer, $100 million
7. Steven Spielberg, $100 million
8. George Lucas, $95 million
9. Beyoncé, $87 million
10. Dr. Phil, $80 million
11. Simon Cowell, $80 million
12. Jerry Seinfeld, $75 million
13. Britney Spears, $64 million
14. Lady Gaga, $62 million
15. Madonna, $58 million
16. Sandra Bullock, $56 million
17. Ellen DeGeneres, $55 million
18. Miley Cyrus, $48 million
19. Taylor Swift, $45 million
20. Judge Judy Sheindlin, $45 million

Beyonce heads to T in the Park

SUPERSTAR diva Beyonce Knowles is heading to T in the Park to catch her husband's main stage performance.

The wife of hip-hop mogul Jay-Z is planning to watch his set from the side of the stage, as part of a romantic break in Scotland.

The pair are expected to arrive on a privately hired jet kitted out with a double bed and flat-screen TV, and stocked with champagne and caviar.

Last night, T in the Park CEO Geoff Ellis said he was expecting Beyonce to attend the festival despite being involved in a car accident in London earlier this week.

He said: "I won't be surprised to see her on site enjoying her first T in the Park.

"Hopefully she'll savour the world-class atmosphere of the Scottish crowds."

Beyonce was said to have been shaken after narrowly avoiding serious injury when a black cab ploughed into the side of her chauffeur-driven Mercedes limo while the A-list couple were out shopping in London.

The crash, which ripped one of the Mercedes's doors from its hinges, happened just outside department store Harrods. Both Beyonce and Jay-Z were unhurt.

Ellis said fans should "not be surprised" if they found themselves standing shoulder to shoulder with the former Destiny's Child singer while checking out the top acts performing at Balado this weekend.

The R&B diva and Jay-Z turned up at the Chiswick House festival on Thursday night - despite neither of them being on the bill - to watch performances by Hot Chip and Paloma Faith.

An insider said: "Beyonce is looking forward to Scotland.

"She has heard great things about T in the Park and enjoyed playing live in Scotland before.

"They are having a great time in the UK and are treating their stay as a chance to enjoy some romantic R and R, while Jay-Z shows audiences what he is capable of in terms of his live show.

"He wants the T in the Park crowd to remember his performance for years to come."

The glamorous twosome will be the latest in a long line of celebrity couples who have enjoyed the hospitality area of T in the Park's artists' village, which includes an aromatherapy spa and a massage parlour.

In previous years, Gwyneth Paltrow watched her hubby Chris Martin perform with Coldplay, Drew Barrymore joined Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, Scots rocker Gavin Rossdale of the band Bush turned up to catch wife Gwen Stefani of No Doubt and Oasis rocker Liam Gallagher and future wife Nicole Appleton hung out together.

Meanwhile, music fans have been warned there will be no big screen to show the World Cup final.

Ellis said: "I know a few people have asked about it but I don't think the majority of revellers are desperate to see Spain play Holland.

"We would not be doing the bands any favours if we were to have them on at the same time as the final.

"People knew when they bought tickets the final was on that day.

"There was never any chance of England being in the final so we have never been under pressure to show it."

Ellis also confirmed vuvuzelas have been banned from the site.

He said: "People don't want to have these things going off when they are trying to listen to the bands."

Beyonce Sued for Nuisance and Trespassing

You wonder why this man wants to live near Hollywood. To get cheap publicities like this one?

A man living across from a video shoot for Beyonce Knowles in the Hollywood Hills is suing the singer for nuisance and trespassing.

The resident is claiming his privacy was invaded by unnecessary noise and crowds.

Court documents show Philip Markowitz filed the lawsuit seeking 25,000 dollars on Friday in Los Angeles against Knowles, a liability company and Dina Ciccotello, a production coordinator for the video shoot for Why Don't You Love Me.

Markowitz claims his expectations of privacy in his upscale neighbourhood were "shattered" on March 26 when the crew came in the morning and didn't leave until 11pm, and that his driveway was repeatedly blocked.

Calls to Beyonce's publicists were not immediately returned.

Beyonce At Macy's Launch

Here’s Beyonce Knowles launching her new line of perfume called Heat at Macy’s in New York City the other day looking pretty fierce. Am I using that right? I’m a straight white guy over the age of twenty-five so I’m not sure of the lingo. Anyhow, I’ve always wanted to know what Beyonce’s cleavage smelt like and now for $49.99 I can find out. Wait fifty bucks? F@#k that! I could buy one of her old bras on Ebay for less than that.

Beyonce is now into pin-up girl

Beyonce has released her new music video Why don't you love me, which shows her as a stylized, 1950s-inspired pin-up girl.

Her look - complete with large sunglasses, halterneck bodysuits, and hair curlers - comes as part of a trend towards more feminine shapes and Old Hollywood glamour.

The era's big waves could be spotted on many a runway model's and Met Ball attendee's head this year, just like the red lip and cat eyeliner that go with it. Also, curves are currently perceived more positively again, with Victoria's Secret lingerie models walking high fashion catwalks, plus-size models posing in underwear ads, and a general weariness of androgynous or 1990s-inspired 'power' silhouettes.

Feminity seems to be en vogue again, and interestingly, it is now being interpreted in mainly 'over-the-top' settings that largely draw on pin-ups or burlesque dancers for inspiration.

The burlesque trend previously resulted in beauty ranges including one by Parisian cabaret, the Crazy Horse, and a collaboration between Nivea and lingerie designer Chantal Thomass, while Chanel named one of its lipglosses Pin-up.

Stars including the dancer Dita von Teese contributed to this aesthetic, slowly capturing the fashion world, and French Vogue reacted by setting a burlesque tone for the year, staging their 2010 calendar at the Lido, another one of Paris's most famous cabarets.

Lingerie brands such as Bravissimo, Ultimo, and Passionata - which hired Israeli topmodel Bar Refaeli for their campaigns - followed suit, presenting their models as retro-inspired pin-ups, dancing before mirrors or posing on swings, and Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld just shot an interactive lookbook for French underwear brand Eres (online mid-May), featuring a pin-up that can be undressed at a mouse click.

Now, with musicians such as Beyoncé or VV Brown before her, the trend seems to have entered music video mainstream. One way to take part? Get Marilyn Monroe's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes dress at this auction.

Beyonce show off her New Video

Beyonce has debuted the new video for her next single Why Don't You Love Me which see's Bey ditching her alter-ego Sasha Fierce for a suffering housewife.

We are pretty sure her new role as B.B Homemaker is no reflection on her marriage to rapper Jay-Z as the Single Ladies singer does her best Desperate Housewives impression.

Knowles is seen doing house work and cleaning a car as she croons throughout the video, smoking cigarettes, drinking martinis and crying until her mascara runs down her face.

She also sports the blonde-fringed hair style from Lady GaGa's Telephone video in the promo.

Her new character is a far cry from alter-ego Sasha Fierce, which Beyonce previously told Allure magazine that she had 'killed off'.

Beyonce stated: "I don't need Sasha Fierce anymore, because I've grown and now I'm able to merge the two,"

We wonder if B.B Homemaker will last the distance?

Beyonce and Jay-Z moving to Pennsylvania?

Well, if Jay-Z and Beyonce were actually planning on moving to Schuylkill County, Pa., lord knows they aren't now! The small town area is in a frenzy over the rumor that the mega-watt duo would be moving to an $11 million property in the area and people are going legit crazy!

An AP article reports that two college students from nearby Pottsville and Ringtown, drove up to the front gate of the house one one day this week to take pictures in front of their potential "neighbs" house!

"I'm gonna tell everyone I'm their neighbors. It's insane!" Brooke Shilling, 20, squealed.

Anne Tomtishen, 23, added "Maybe she'll have babies. That would be awesome!" Beyonce, warning: get out of there while you still can! Plus, who wants to live in coal-mining country? The pair, who recently
, seem to be doing just fine in their city slicker lifestyle, clubbing late into the night yesterday in NYC

The rumor is on everyone's lips from the local groceries stores to colleges and banks. However, the real estate agent listing the house says it is all hooey.

"I am just humored," she said. "We have no idea what the deal is or where it got started. ... We are just being bombarded with craziness. This is so absurd!"

Yet Jay-Z and Beyonce's reps have not commented. Pennsylvania, get ready for some heat!

Beyonce Bikini Malfunction

Singer Beyoncé Knowles who is on holiday with her family including her nephew in Hawaii, was spotted with one of her boobs almost popping out of her cossy.

Looking stunning as usual, Knowles took time to play in the sand with her nephew, found herself wrapped in sand when she tossed and played with the 5-year-old. After the messy playtime, she went and dipped herself in water, to remove the mess.
Covered in sand after a jolly time with her nephew Julez

Covered in sand after a jolly time with her nephew Julez

The pair had an hilarious time – and the moment was captured for posterity by the superstar’s camera-wielding husband Jaz-Z.

Whether he captured the moment his wife’s top fell open, only the slideshow back at the ranch will tell.

But as the left halter-neck strap fell to one side she certainly showed more of her sandy charms than intended.

Beyonce, 28, was enjoying a break before she continues work on her fourth studio album.

Just over a week ago, she joined her husband at the Coachella Festival in Los Angeles to perform a duet.

As she took to the stage during his set to perform Forever Young, she shocked the crowd with her swear words T-shirt.

Beyoncé has also being doing her bit for charity this week as she raided her wardrobe and donated a pair of gold shoes from her I Am… Sasha Fierce world tour for a Haiti charity auction.

And it was also revealed this week that she has a very famous fan after Michelle, the wife of US President Barack Obama, revealed that she loved her music.

Talking about the songs on her iPod, the First Lady said: “I love Stevie Wonder….I’ve got some Michael Jackson. I’ve got some Rihanna, I’ve got some Beyoncé— I love Beyoncé.”

Beyonce is still not finish with Haiti's donations

Beyonce and Thandie Newton have raided their closets to donate items to a Haiti charity auction.

The Crazy In Love hitmaker has donated a pair of gold shoes from her I Am... Sasha Fierce world tour, while Newton has offered up signed a jacket she wore in last year's movie 2012.

Other lots include signed DVDs from The Wire star Idris Elba and tickets to the semi-final of Simon Cowell's hit reality TV show Britain's Got Talent.

All proceeds from the eBay auction will go to Britain's Disasters Emergency Committee to help fund rescue work in Haiti, which was hit by a massive earthquake in January.